Included All Kinds of High-end Watch Brands

Services Offered

  • Cleaning,Oiling and Adjustment service.
  • Diassembly of watch movement, cleaning, checking jewels for any replacement, oiling, timing adjustment, reassemble of movement,ultrasonic of watch case.
  • Any major parts replacement, will be added into the final cost of repair and customers will be informed for pricing before work carried out.
  • Parts used to repair will be strictly original parts when available to us,if parts can not be obtained, customers will be informed and no work will be done unless authorized by client.
  • All watches sent for repair and done will be given 6 months warranty on parts specified for repair by client, warranty does not cover external wear and tear damage.
  • Replacement Straps
  • Batteries
  • Movements
  • Glass Replacement
  • Spring Bar Replacements
  • DISASSEMBLE : The technician detaches the bracelet from the case carefully separating the bezel, crystal, movement and gaskets.
  • POLISHING : Case,bezel,bracelet are polished using high quality polishing cloths to remove scratches,dents and other signs or everyday wear,Depending on depth and severity of the scratches on your timepieces,a very small layer of material may have to be remove from your watch.
  • ULTRASONIC : The case, bezel and bracelet are then ultrasonically submerged in an ultrasonic cleaner filled with a cleaning solvent,The high frequency sound waves agitate any dirt or grease.
  • REASSEMBLE : Reassemble of the watch crystal and case back gaskets are replaced to ensure that the watch has a proper seal and is water resistant.
  • WATER RESISTANT : The technician checks your watch’s water resistance.
  • DONE : Watch is refinished to near factory condition.
  • Brand watches included Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling, IWC, etc high-end watch brands.
  • All watches are precisely hand-polished,using high quality polishing cloths and other required instruments and gadgets.
  • Stainless steel, steel and yellow gold, steel and rose gold, 18k white, 18k yellow or 18k rose gold, platinum, titanium watches.
  • Light polishing on plastic glass is available too.